Our Story

For Fresh Fix founder Doug Brandon, health is personal. After surviving a bout with cancer in his early 20s, Doug left his career in sports medicine to focus on nutrition. He spent time developing clean recipes that taste as good as they make you feel. This ongoing passion led him to start serving the south Florida area by delivering healthy meals in 2010.

“My personal experience taught me how important nutrition is for sustaining long-term health and disease prevention,” he said. “I started Fresh Fix because I want those healthy eating habits to be easier for everyone. No matter your goals, no matter how busy you are.”

Now, eight years into serving the south Florida community fresh and healthy meals, Doug has built a team of dieticians and chefs to make Fresh Fix even more personalized and professionally-driven. Our team is passionate about food that tastes as good as it makes you feel, and we can’t wait to serve more of you in 2018.

Our Food

Our food philosophy is founded on three basic promises.

Keep Food Personal

Every person, every body, every life is different. We created Fresh Fix to keep your diet that way too. Nutrition is personal, and our menus cater to your unique lifestyle and goals, whatever they may be.

Make Healthy Taste Great

Healthy food can be flavorful, exciting and delicious. Our menus are full of meals you actually want to eat, like an orange ginger shrimp stir-fry with organic Asian vegetables and brown jasmine rice and a chicken valentino stuffed with organic baby spinach, roasted red peppers and reduced fat provolone Cheese.

Prioritize Florida Fresh

Because we exclusively serve clients in south Florida, we invest back into the community by working with local farms and vendors as much as possible. We know food tastes best when it’s fresh and in-season, so we always take farming practices, seasonality and geography into account while sourcing your meals.

Our Testimonials